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This website is about sowing seeds in your mind, “mindseeds”.

Every day our choices cause an impact across the world, so far reaching, that we can never know the full extent of our actions. The world we live in is a complex web of relationships and we are inextricably linked to all life on earth. When we acknowledge this, our relationships naturally expand to include the complexity of stakeholders, marginalised and multiple perspectives. Mindseeds provides information on issues and processes that empower the ‘caretakers of the future’.

  'Your Future With Depleted Uranium'.
This booklet exposes the use of radioactive waste as a key ingredient
in the manufacture of weapons.
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What is it that makes you glad to be alive in this time, in this place?

Do you love to walk in the forest, listen to the silence
or watch the full moon rise?

Is it a loving partner, the joy of holding your children in your arms,
or precious friends that share life’s journey?

Perhaps you enjoy gardening, listening to birds
or love swimming in the ocean?

Maybe music touches your soul, and you love to dance?

What is it for you?

These are the blessings that empower you to work for social justice and a sustainable future for the generations yet to come.

Pauline Rigby.

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